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In Store Wine Making Class


Private Classes: bring your friends or family to share the experience

In store winemaking.  Winemaking made easy.  Are you ready to make your own personalized wine but don't want to make it at home?  We offer three different wine workshops that include use of equipment, personal instruction, bottles, and personalized labels.  You will go home with almost 29 bottles of high quality wine. Once you have your gift card, call to schedule your first appointment.

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Free shipping if this is your only purchase.  If this is a gift we can mail it directly to the person.

Further questions: call 717-517-8785 or email info@lancasterhomebrew.com

  • Choose from over two dozen varieties of wine from all over the world
  • Price of workshop ranges from $175.00 to $250.00 for around 29  bottles of wine.  Package includes use of equipment, wine kit, bottles, personalized labels for wine bottles, and instruction.
  • Each session is 30 to 60 minutes
  • Individual or group workshops available
  • For an individual who would prefer to take home fewer bottles, we suggest sharing the experience with a friend or two
  • Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, parties, birthdays, business functions, special events, or your own personal enjoyment!

Start Your Wine!    (Day 1)

The first session will orient you to the wine making process and the equipment that is used to make your wine.  You will mix your ingredients, prepare the juice, and add the yeast to begin the fermentation process. The last step will be to design your own personalized labels for your wine bottles.

Stage 2    (Aproximately 14 to 21 days)

This step is when the wine is degassed, stabilized and cleared.  You do not need your whole group to attend this session.

Bottling Day! ( Aproximately 35 to 45 days)

This is your big day!   Bring your whole group to help bottle your wine.  Apply corks, decorative tops, and labels,  then go impress your friends with what you made!




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