Used 5 Gallon Cornie Keg Ball Lock


Used 5 gallon Ball Lock Keg

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Used 5 gallon ball lock soda keg. Good condition, pressure tested, but will need cleaned and sanitized.  It is recommended to get a replacement O ring gasket kit. Kegs are sold as is with no guarantees.  Please note:  our supply of used kegs has more variation now. Most kegs are pin lock kegs that have been converted to ball lock, with new gaskets.  Also, some kegs come with one handle instead of two (similar to the new kegs).  We grab what’s on top, so there is the possibility that if you order more than one keg, they may not all look the same.  We only guarantee that they hold pressure and that they are funtional. 

If you are tired of bottling your beer this is the way to go!  If you are brand new into kegging, you’ll need one of our Basic Kegging Starter Kits which includes CO2 tank, ball lock fitting, tubing, picnic tap, and regulator.

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