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High quality brew pot made specifically for electric brewing! With the addition of the Blichmann BoilCoil the Boilermaker becomes and electric powerhouse! Heavy 18 gauge 304 stainless construction with new brush finish to resist scratching and water stains.  Boilermakers now come with the new parabolic valves for precise flow regulation during sparging and easy cleaning.  Also incuded insulated handles, Three inch Blichmann Adjustable Brewmometer, and borosilicate glass sight tube. Pot now has a Limited Life time Warranty!  Add a false bottom to use as a mash tun.

  • UL listed.
  • Removable custom engineered plug means cleaning is a snap – no dangling power cord tethered to your kettle!
  • Coil configuration hugs the wall of the kettle to encourage convective boil characteristics to drive off DMS and other volatiles and does not interfere with whirlpooling.
  • The 240V BoilCoil™ includes a 12 ft factory wired cable with a molded twist-lock L6-30P plug on one end, and our custom removable plug on the other end.
  • Less than Ultra low watt density means NO chance of scorching when used as directed.
  • Simple installation, requiring only two small 5/8″ holes . We will provide the mounting holes in your new BoilerMaker™G2 kettle at the factory or you can install yourself!
  • Features a professional and reliable connection and sealing system engineered specifically for brewing kettles.
  • Compatible with the HopBlocker™ kettle filter.
  • The BoilCoil™ requires the use of a power control device capable of de-energizing the heater coil to safely operate.
  • Couple with our new electric TOWER of POWER™ controller for the ultimate in temperature control.  Visit our TOWER of POWER™ page for more detail!
  • Note – the BoilCoil™ is suitable for heating strike water in your mash tun but is NOT suitable for step mashing.  The grain impedes convective flow of the wort and scorching will result.  However, our RIMS-Rocket™ is a great choice for step mashing since the grain is never in direct contact with the heating coil.

*This item is shipped directly from the manufacturer so please allow 1 to 3 weeks for delivery*

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7.5 Gallon 120V Electric, 10 Gallon 120V Electric, 10 Gallon 240V Electric, 15 Gallon 240V Electric, 20 Gallon 240V Electric, 30 Gallon 240V Electric, 55 Gallon 240V Electric

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