Taking Your Mead to the Next Level: Class


Come out and join us in learning history behind, and how to make one of the oldest known ferminted drinks. People have been enjoying mead for thousands of years, and now it is your chance to make a one gallon batch to take home and enjoy. You can…

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 Join us at Lancaster Homebrew and take a chance to talk mead with William Wrede, meadmaker at Meduseld Meadery! The focus of this class will be on making adjustments to your mead to get it to the place you want. Topics covered will include how to backsweeten a wine, adjusting acidity, and some other common modifications like the addition of oak. For this class we will not be making mead, we will be taking a sample of a basic, unaltered mead and running it through several modifications so that participants of the class can get some experience doing bench trials and tasting the results. While the main focus of this class is on mead specifically, a lot of the practical work is highly cross-applicable with wine generally speaking. Wine sampling will be a big part of this class.  Must be 21 or older to participate. This class is designed for a wine or meadmaker who has already completed a fermentation and is looking to improve their technical knowledge.

By submitting your $20 per person, you reserve those spots for the class.  Price is non refundable.  If a class would have to be cancelled for some reason such as weather related, you can reserve a spot at a future class.  For any questions you may have, please call 717-517-8785.


DATE: Tuesday, February 18th, 2020

TIME: 6 – 7pm

Where: 1551 Manheim Pike

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