Troegs Mad Elf Clone Recipe

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A very popular local holiday beer.  Brewed with Munich, Pilsner, and a touch of chocolate malt.  If you can let this one age,  it will get real smooth in a few months and the complex belgian yeast flavors will blend with the malts, cherries and honey.

Kit includes grains, malt extracts, hops, Sabrew T58 Belgian yeast and priming sugar.  Caps not included.  Other ingredients needed: 2 pounds of honey, 2 pounds of pitted sweet cherries, and 2 pounds of pitted sour cherries.  If you can’t find sour cherries, go with 4 pounds of sweet cherries or you can add the option for our cherry puree.

You can upgrade to White Labs 500 Trappist liquid yeast.

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