BB 1 Gallon Raspberry Golden Ale Recipe Kit


A Belgian Strong Ale base with specially selected yeast creates a predominant amount of fruity esters that pairs well with all natural raspberry flavoring. Although higher in gravity, this brew has a light to medium body that keeps it refreshing while still packing a punch!

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Brewer’s Best® is proud to offer a line of one gallon ingredient kits. Everything you need to craft your best brew is here, packaged into these small batch kits! Be sure that you have the right tools for the job by grabbing a Brewer’s Best® One Gallon Equipment Kit. Each kit makes 1 gallon of beer (approx. 10-12 oz. glasses). Stats: IBUs: 21 – 25 OG: 1.073 – 1.077 FG: 1.009 – 1.013 ABV: 8.4% – 8.9% Difficulty: Easy Color: Straw 1 GALLON KIT INCLUDES: Fermentables 1 LB. PILSEN DME 4 OZ. PILSEN DME 10 OZ. CANDI SUGAR Hops 1 – 5 GRAM PACK 1 – 3 GRAM PACK Other Ingredients 11.5G YEAST SACHET 0.8 OZ. BREWER’S BEST® NATURAL RASPBERRY FLAVORING


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