Pale Triticale, American Deer Creek

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Elevate your brew with the unique and versatile addition of triticale, a hybrid grain that combines the robust qualities of wheat and rye. Triticale imparts a distinct flavor profile, blending the smoothness of wheat with the spiciness of rye, creating a harmonious and intriguing experience. Grown and malted right here in the Commonwealth, triticale can be used to enhance any recipe calling for wheat or rye. Try some today!

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A hybrid of rye and wheat, this lightly kilned malt imparts unique flavor and aroma to a variety of recipes, especially Saisons & IPA beer styles. It converts quickly and has high viscosity. Notes of spicy dough and soft earth. Pale Triticale malt is more plump than wheat and rye, and it can be used similarly.


Recommended Utilization: Brewing: <25% | Distilling: <51%


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