Anchovy Hops – Yakima Valley 1 oz Pellets


This provocatively-named new hop gives off fruit and pine vibes in a high alpha package. Try out this exciting novel greenery in your next brew. Extremely limited. Don’t fear the fish!

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Anchovy is a new experimental variety from Segal Ranch in the lower Yakima Valley. Initially, it went by the name 24B-05 but was given the controversial name Anchovy by Matt Storm and Brian Strumke from Fast Fashion Brewing in Seattle. Fast Fashion was the first brewery to sponsor acreage, so they have been the only folks to get a chance to brew with it so far, but now there is a very limited amount of 2023 crop year available.

Fast Fashion Brewing describes the variety as “watermelon hard candy, raspberry, and pine.”

Try it for yourself today and brew up something amazing!

Anchovy Hops Brewing Values
Pedigree: Experimental variety 24B-05
Aroma: Watermelon, Raspberry, Pine
Alpha Acids: 12.0%

About the Grower of Anchovy Hops
“A Legacy of Passion: Segal Ranch is a third-generation, family hop farm widely known among craft brewers for estate-quality hops and a commitment to innovation in hop growing. We are located in the Yakima Valley in Washington State, a legendary terroir for hop cultivation.” – From Segal Ranch

See What Folks are Saying About Anchovy Hops
“Anchovy is an experimental hop developed by Segal Ranch in Yakima, Washington. It’s quite aromatic, we get notes of watermelon hard candy, raspberry, and pine. Segal is known for growing legendary cascade but they have a wonderful r and d program as well and we sponsored this hop after doing sensory on a few experimental varietals from them last year during hop selection.” – Quote from


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