Ball Lock, 8mm Black, Duotight


The integrated Duotight design means you can connect your beer and gas line directly, easily and reliably with no need for additional fittings or clamps. It is a robust and super compact design that is incredibly easy to assemble and disassemble, making cleaning and sanitizing an absolute breeze!

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8 mm OD – the most common OD size of EVABarrier tubing. This size comes in two IDs (4 mm & 5 mm) and pairs up with the lion’s share of Duotight fittings and accessories. 4 mm ID is our most recommended size for beverage lines, requiring 5-6 ft. lengths. 5 mm ID is commonly used as gas line or when 10-12 ft. beverage lines are required. Ball Lock Quick Disconnect – Bev Out
Direct connect EVABarrier tubing
Compact design won’t interfere with keg stacking
Made from highly chemical resistant materials
Dissamble by hand for quick and easy cleaning


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