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Teach a Friend To Homebrew Day Nov. 7, 2015


Lancaster Homebrew will be participating in the annual Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day on Nov. 7th, hosted by the American Homebrewing Association.  It is a national event when homebrewers are encouraged to share their love of homebrewing with a friend.

We invite any homebrewer to come brew with us for the day.  We are offering $30 off ingredients if you brew with us on premise that day.  You will need to bring a pot, burner, propane and anything else you need for a typical brew day.  We will have wort chiller on hand for anyone to use.  Tap water is available for brewing or you can bring your own water source for brewing.  You can get your ingredients the morning of the event or stop by earlier in the week if you would like.

Bring a few homebrews to share!  Lancaster Homebrew will provide a few light snacks and pizza from Vinnie’s

Event time: 9am to 3pm

Call 717-517-8785 to sign up by November 6th, so we can get a head count for lunch!

Call if you have any other questions!


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