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September Fresh Juice Order

This September will be our third season doing fresh wine juice orders.  Due to the growth we’ve seen I was forced to look at how we can handle larger volumes of orders.  As you know, we do not have any refrigeration here or adequate space to handle more buckets of juice.  Because of this, we are excited to anounce that we are partnering with Kegel’s Produce this year. We will take orders just like last year, but the juices will be shipped to Kegel’s Warehouse here in Lancaster and kept in cold storage where they will be ready for pickup on a set date in late September.  They are able to contract with brokers in California to get a wide variety of juice and grapes.  
         We will not have a final list of products and prices until the first week of September.  We will be taking orders the first three weeks of September and delivery will be the end of September.

Stay tuned for more information!

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