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Racking Your Wine – Step Two of the Wine Making Process

It has been about 10 days since we started step one of our wine making process.  During this time our wine was fermenting and it should now be complete and ready to siphon off of the sediment into a fresh container.  This process is known as racking your wine.

As is necessary in all the steps of our wine making, we need to make sure all of our buckets and equipment is sterilized properly. We use EZ-Clean powder mix with water in our sterilization bucket in order to sterilize everything.  Also, it is important to sterilize your hands multiple times throughout the process as you will be handling a few different items that will come n contact with the wine.

Before beginning, you will want to take one last reading of your wine with the hydrometer.  During fermentation almost all of the sugar in the liquid should have fermented into alcohol, and this needs to be verified before proceeding.  The hydrometer can be placed directly into the bucket in order to take a reading.  You will notice the hydrometer will sink considerably farther into the liquid than it did when you started fermentation.  It should be reading somewhere in the area of the small blue strip, which is 1% or slightly less.  When this is verified you can prepare your siphon.

Make sure your fermenting bucket is placed up on a table and the carboy should be on the floor so the siphon can work properly.  Place the siphon into the bucket and secure it to the side with the bottom of the siphon being slightly above the sediment in the bottom of the bucket.   Pinch off the end of your hose and draw the siphon upward filling it with wine.  Open the end of your hose while pushing down on your siphon and a steady stream should begin to flow into your carboy.  Once the entire carboy is filled, attached your air lock and place in an area where the temperature is around 70 degrees.

You will now let your wine sit for two weeks when we will then be ready for the next step which will be degaussing and clearing your wine.

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