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Braming Cross 5%AA It has a very distinctive ‘American’ aroma. It is often used as a general-purpose kettle hop for a small proportion of the hop grist. However, the variety has also been used to provide a special fruity character in traditional ales, adding blackcurrant and lemon notes. If used as a late hop or dry hop, the affect on the final beer flavor can be very interesting. This is an under-appreciated hop that affords the brewer considerable scope for experiment. Average Alpha: 5-7%

Bravo – 11.3%
Bravo is a second generation super high alpha variety that was developed by the Hopsteiner Breeding Program and released in 2006. It has good resistance to powdery mildew. Bravo is an excellent bittering hop that provides pleasant fruity and floral aroma characteristics.

Challenger – 7.8%aa Dual purpose, but use as a bitter hop along with other British aroma hops.

Pilgrim 11% It has a spicy earthy character similar to target but more pronounced. Use in all English style beers.

Phoenix 10% Another new English variety. Phoenix was bred to be a replacement for Challenger. It has an unusually high oil content; some samples contain as much as 3% oil. The oil gives a very pleasant, attractive English aroma that has received favorable comments from brewers who find it similar to Challenger. High alpha-acid makes it a crisp clean bittering hop.

Saphir 5.6%aa refined aroma & a mild flavor. Sweet & clean citrus aroma that has a hint of tangerine.

Sovereign 5.7%AA Its aroma characteristics could be described as soft, earthy, and slightly floral. Noble. Similar to Fuggle

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