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Kegerators in stock at Lancaster Homebrew

We now carry kegerators: free-standing or built in both available.  Do you have a bar project?  We can help with installation and set up.

Stop by the store to browse our selection at 1920 Lincoln Hwy E, Lancaster, Pa. or call 717-517-8785 to discuss your bar project.


AVANTCO KEGERATOR: standard single tap unit    Price: $429.99

Comes with a 2.5 pound CO2 tank (empty, but we can fill it for you) a double gauge regulator and an American “D” coupler. It will hold one half barrel or two sixtels (one on tap and one for storage)  You could choose to split the CO2 line and add a picnic faucet to the second sixtel if you want both on tap at the same time.

Brand: Avantco

Dimensions: 22 inches wide, 27 inches deep, 33 1/4 inches tall (with casters)
































































EdgeStar Kegerators

The EdgeStar brand is a step up in quality yet still affordable.   Single, double or triple tap kegerators available.


KC2000twin: dual tap tower  (holds 2 sixtels)  $699.99

Great kegerator for residential use! Includes stainless steel tower, 2 chrome plated faucets, 5 lb aluminum CO2 tank (empty), single gauge regulator, drip tray, castor wheels and adjustable temperature control.

































KC3000trip: triple tap tower  (holds 3 sixtels)  $999.99










KC1500 Stainless Built In 15 inch single tap Kegerator  $1099.99

Great kegerator for tight spaces.  Comes with Stainless tower and faucet.   Includes digital temperature control with LED read out, forces air tower cooling, front forced air cooling for wall installation applications, 2.5 lb CO2 tank (empty), regulator, castor wheels, locking door with reversable hinges

Built in kegerators


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