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Introduction to Wine Making | Preparing to Make Your Wine

You can make high quality wine using a wine ingredient kit and some basic wine making equipment. There are many kits to choose from and no matter what your wine preference is, there is a kit for you! Mark steps you through the basic preparation as you start the process of wine making. First, all of your equipment must be sterilized properly. Simply mix the EZ Clean, that comes with your kit, with water. This will be used as your sterilization mixture. Any contamination could ruin your batch, and you don’t want that to happen, so the sterilization step is a very important one.

Next it is time to identify all of the ingredients that are included with your kit. The sweeter fruit wine kits have an F-pack which provides the fruit flavoring during the clearing process. Also, some kits may have oak chips which you will use during the day one process of making your wine. See which ingredients you will need on day one, and which ingredients you can put aside for later steps in the wine making process.

Wine Making is fun, easy and the results are amazing, so let’s get started!

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