Beer brewing and wine making supplies

An easy index of instructional videos and articles on beer brewing and wine making!

Beer Making Videos

Click here to view our basic instructional videos on brewing your own beer. In this section you will learn how to brew your beer from home in a safe and sanitized manner from start to finish using products from Lancaster Homebrew.

Wine Making Videos

In this section you will be able to view our wine making kits and watch instructional videos on making and fermenting your wine from home. Lancaster Homebrew offers all products seen in this video series.

All Grain Brewing Videos

All-grain brewing has it’s own technique and in this video series you will see how to brew all-grain beer and special techniques used in a seminar right here at Lancaster Homebrew.

Blichman Tower of Power

Our newest and most exciting video series is based on “The Blichman Tower of Power”. In this series you will learn how and why the Blichman is the way to go when brewing and enhancing your beer brewing experience.

Using a Hydrometer

Gauging the percentage of alcohol in your brew doesn’t have to be a difficult task. This video series will teach you what a hydrometer is and how to use it.