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Hard Apple Cider

Here is a well known recipe for Old Fashioned Apple Cider (makes 1 gallon)

7 to 8 lbs of apples or 2 qts of fresh juice
1 1/2 cup chopped light raisins
4 pints water

3/4oz cloves
1/2oz grated ginger root
2 1/2 lb – Sugar
1 tsp – acid blend
1/2tsp – pectic enzyme
1/2 tsp – energizer
1 campden tablet crushed
1 pack of yeast

stir together all ingredients except yeast in primary fermenter and let sit 24 hours.
Add yeast and stir daily first 4 days.  Rack after 5 to 7 days has passed.  Let sit for
2 more weeks and rack again.

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