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Dandelion Wine Recipe

recipe for one gallon (just times it by how many gallons you want to make)

.5 lb of dandelion flowers ( just the yellow part – I used a sharp scissors and cut the green base of the flower off – it takes alot of time but is worth it!  )

1 lb – golden raisins (chopped)

1 and 1/8 gallon of hot water

2 lb – sugar

1 tsp – acid blend

1/4 tsp – tannin

1/2 tsp energizer

1 campden tablet

1 pack of wine yeast ( one pack will do up to 6 gallons)


Mix sugar, acid blend, tannin, energizer, campden in hot water.  Put mixture in fermenting bucket.  Put raisins and dandelions in nylon bag and place in fermenter.  Punch down the bag into the water.   Cover and let sit for 24 hours THEN add yeast.  Let ferment for 5 to 7 days,  punching down the bag each day to insure good fermentation.  After 5 to 7 days, lift up bag and let drain, press lightly.  Siphon remaining liquid into a clean fermenter and let sit for two more weeks.  Rack wine again.  At this point you can stir in 1/2 tsp of sorbate to stabilize the wine.  You can also add 1 campden/ gallon of metabisulphite to minimize oxidation.  Stir in a pack of isinglass to clear the wine.  Lastly, if you want a little residual sweetness, you can make a simple syrup from sugar and water and add to taste.  1/2 cup of sugar per gallon will take the edge off the dryness.  Let sit for 2 more weeks, then bottle.


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