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CO2 tank refills

We refill 2.5 lb and 5 lb CO2 tanks here at the store.  Just stop by during regular business hours and we can have your tank filled in 5 minutes.  Cold tanks fill better so if you can have the tank chilled before coming out, it will speed up the fill time.

We charge by the pound, prices fluctuate so please call for current fill price. 717-517-8785.  Generally a 5 lb tank can be filled for $14 to $16

***NOTICE**  Aluminum and Steel tanks need to be re tested for safety every five years.  They also need the test date stamped on the tank.  We cannot fill a tank that is out of date.  For tanks that need retested, you can have this done locally by Graham’s Fyrfyter on Lemon St in Lancaster city or at Smokey’s Fire Protection in Holtwood, PA.


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