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Brewing Sweet Stout at Iron Hill Brewery

Had a lot of fun brewing with Paul and Collin the other day at Iron Hill.  My stout will be on tap in a few weeks.  Here are som pictures from the day.

Here, Paul is hooking up pipes to pump hot water from the liquor tank into the brewing vat where that mash will take place


The mash kettle/brewing kettle holds 400 gallon of beer!


A look inside the mash kettle


Here, I'm switching outlets to now pump the liquid mash over to the lauter tun


Yes, I'm inside the mash tun. After the mash is pumped to the lauter tun, the mash kettle needs to be competely rinsed of all grain before the first running are pumped back in.


Paul begins to conduct the lauter. It is recirculated until it is clear of particles and then transferred back to the brewing kettle


Collin sanitizes the fermenter while the kettle boils


Now that's a lot of beer


The wort is now boiling!


Cleaning out the spent grains from the lauter tun


Shoveling out the grains


Adding the bittering hops to the kettle


Sanitizing the cannister of yeast


Collin pumping the beer over to the fermenter


Paul is ready to add the yeast and let them work their magic!

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