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Bottling Your Homebrew

Your Homebrew has fermented and is racked off of the sediment. It is now time to bottle it. As always make sure you sanitize your equipment and bottles. If there is no sediment in the bottom of the bottles you can sanitize them in the dishwasher by placing them upside down on the top rack. Set the dishwasher for a sanitize rinse, heat dry and in place of dishwashing detergent, use a tablespoon of easy clean instead.

The priming sugar can be added to water and boiled into a mixture that can now be added to your brew. You now want to adequately stir the beer. Use whirlpool stirring to ensure that everything is evenly distributed or you could have some layering occur which could cause some bottles to carbonate more then others. Place the bottle filler wand inside the bottle until it presses against the bottom. There is a small valve that will open when it presses against the bottom of the bottle. When the level reaches the top of the bottle, lift the wand to stop the flow. When you remove the wand completely, the displacement of the wand will lower the level of your beer to the exact level inside the bottle. You can now cap your bottles. At this point place your beer in a warm area for 1 1/2 to 2 weeks so that it can carbonate. If you put it in the fridge right away it will not carbonate properly. If this is done the bottles can be removed and then placed in a warm area at which time carbonation will then occur.

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