Beer brewing and wine making supplies

Mosaic hops

Mosaic is a new hop variety and a daughter of Simcoe.  It has moderately high alpha acids and low cohumulone content.  Mosaic displays a wide range of enticing flavors and aromas.  The list includes earthy, grassy, herbal, citrus, cedar, floral, pine, tropical, onion/garlic, spice and stone fruit. Use in pale ales and IPA’s

Deluxe Beer Making Equipment Kit

Brewer’s Best offers a Deluxe Beer Making Equipment kit for the beginner and serious home brewer. Compared to the Basic equipment kit, this Deluxe kit comes with additional items such as a 5-gallon glass carboy with stopper, brew pot thermometer and an auto-siphon which is easier to use than the standard racking cane siphon. Additional

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Bottling Your Wine

We have come to the final step in the wine making process. Your wine should be cleared now and ready to bottle. This is the fun part because you also get to sample your wine. Although you will want to let your wine age for at least a couple months (even more for the red

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