Beer brewing and wine making supplies

Blueberry Red Ale Recipe

.5 lb – Crystal Malt 60L .25lb- Vienna 2oz   – Roasted Barley 7 lb – Light LME 1 oz – Perle Hops (bittering 60 min) 1 tsp Irish Moss (last 15 min) .5 oz – Kent Golding (last 5 min) East Coast Ale yeast 5 oz blueberry flavoring at bottling **2 oz priming sugar only at

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This is a 30 minute boil to keep the color light 4 lb – Alexanders Wheat Malt Extract 2 lb – Wheat DME 1.50z – Hallertauer Hops (bittering 30 min) .5oz- Hallertuauer (last 5 min) white labs 300 or 380 yeast

Apricot Amber Ale Recipe

8oz – Crystal Malt 60L 7 lb- Amber LME 2oz – Kent Goldings (bittering 60 min) 1 tsp-Irish Moss (last 15 min) .5oz – Willamette (last 5 min) American Ale yeast 5oz Apricot Flavoring at bottling **2oz – priming sugar only

Chimay Grand Reserve Clone Recipe

8oz – Belgian Caramunich Malt 6oz – Belgian Aromatic Malt 4oz – Begian Special B Malt 3oz – Chocolate Malt 9 lb – Extra Light DME 1.5lb- Dark Candi sugar 1oz – Perle (bittering 60 min) 7.5HBU .5oz – German Hallertau (last 15 min) 1/8tsp – Grains of Paradise (last 15 min) 1tsp   – Irish Moss

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Leffe Bruin Clone Recipe

4oz – Aromatic Malt 4oz – Munich Malt 4oz – Biscuit Malt 4oz – Chocolate Malt 2oz – Honey Malt 7 lb- Amber LME 2lb – Amber DME 1lb – Dark Candi Sugar 4oz- Malto Dextrin 1oz – Brewer’s Gold (bittering 60 min) .5oz- Fuggle Hop (last 1 min) Belgian Abbey ale yeast 530 Whitelabs

Sweet Stout Recipe

.5 lb – Crystal Malt 80L .5 lb – Chocolate Malt .5 lb – Roasted Barley .5 lb – Black Patent 7 lb – Dark LME 6oz- Malto Dextrin 2oz – Perle Hops (bittering) 1 lb- Lactose powder (last 20 min) Wyeast London Ale yeast

Grand Opening of Lancaster Homebrew

Saturday, October 17th, 2009 Grand Opening of Lancaster Homebrew -Come join us for a day of fun! Download our Flyer: Grand Opening Info 9:00am                                     Store opens 10:00am                                   Ribbon Cutting 10:30am – 11:15am                  Beer brewing demonstration 11:15am – 12:00pm                 Live Music 12:00pm – 12:45pm                 Food pairing presentation by head chef from T J

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