Beer brewing and wine making supplies


This is a 30 minute boil to keep the color light 4 lb – Alexanders Wheat Malt Extract 2 lb – Wheat DME 1.50z – Hallertauer Hops (bittering 30 min) .5oz- Hallertuauer (last 5 min) white labs 300 or 380 yeast

Apricot Amber Ale Recipe

8oz – Crystal Malt 60L 7 lb- Amber LME 2oz – Kent Goldings (bittering 60 min) 1 tsp-Irish Moss (last 15 min) .5oz – Willamette (last 5 min) American Ale yeast 5oz Apricot Flavoring at bottling **2oz – priming sugar only

Chimay Grand Reserve Clone Recipe

8oz – Belgian Caramunich Malt 6oz – Belgian Aromatic Malt 4oz – Begian Special B Malt 3oz – Chocolate Malt 9 lb – Extra Light DME 1.5lb- Dark Candi sugar 1oz – Perle (bittering 60 min) 7.5HBU .5oz – German Hallertau (last 15 min) 1/8tsp – Grains of Paradise (last 15 min) 1tsp   – Irish Moss

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Leffe Bruin Clone Recipe

4oz – Aromatic Malt 4oz – Munich Malt 4oz – Biscuit Malt 4oz – Chocolate Malt 2oz – Honey Malt 7 lb- Amber LME 2lb – Amber DME 1lb – Dark Candi Sugar 4oz- Malto Dextrin 1oz – Brewer’s Gold (bittering 60 min) .5oz- Fuggle Hop (last 1 min) Belgian Abbey ale yeast 530 Whitelabs

Sweet Stout Recipe

.5 lb – Crystal Malt 80L .5 lb – Chocolate Malt .5 lb – Roasted Barley .5 lb – Black Patent 7 lb – Dark LME 6oz- Malto Dextrin 2oz – Perle Hops (bittering) 1 lb- Lactose powder (last 20 min) Wyeast London Ale yeast

Grand Opening of Lancaster Homebrew

Saturday, October 17th, 2009 Grand Opening of Lancaster Homebrew -Come join us for a day of fun! Download our Flyer: Grand Opening Info 9:00am                                     Store opens 10:00am                                   Ribbon Cutting 10:30am – 11:15am                  Beer brewing demonstration 11:15am – 12:00pm                 Live Music 12:00pm – 12:45pm                 Food pairing presentation by head chef from T J

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Thank you!

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has come out to Lancaster Homebrew these first three weeks and thank you for your support.  It’s been great meeting everyone.  We are truly excited to be here and look forward to serving the Lancaster County area.  We will continue to expand our inventory to provide you with

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