Beer brewing and wine making supplies

Wyeast on Sale

In an effort to keep our Wyeast supply fresh, we are overstocked in some yeast strains and want to move them while they are still fresh.  Normal price is $7.75, we will be selling them for $1.00 with purchase of ingredient kit or recipe. First come first serve.  not valid with other offers.  Offer expires

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Radical Rye IPA

.75 lb- Crysal 40 .5   lb – Munich malt 2    lb – Rye Malt 3oz – Debittered black *steep grains for 30 min at 150 degrees* 7 lb – Light LME 3 lb – Light DME 1 oz – Warrior (bittering 60 min) 1 oz – Northern Brewer (bittering 60 min) *mix 1 oz Simcoe

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Bob's Blonde Ale

1 lb – Honey malt 7 lb – Light LME 1 lb  – Wheat DME 1 lb  – Corn sugar 1.5 oz-Perle (bittering 60 min) .5 oz – Cascade (last 15 min) 1 tsp – Irish moss (last 10 min) 1 oz – Cascade (last 5 min) American ale yeast

Stone Ruination Clone

.75 lb  – Crystal 20L .5 lb  – Munich Malt 7 lb – Light LME 2 lb – Light DME 2 oz – Columbus ( bittering 60 min boil) 1 oz       – Centennial ( last 15 min) 1 oz       – Centennial (last 5 min) 1 oz       – Centennial (last 2 min) American Ale yeast 2 oz – Centennial (

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How to Build A Mash/ Lauter Tun

Moving to all grain brewing isn’t as hard as people think.  Anyone who searches the web for info on the subject will probably have their head spinning  from all the different variations on how to do it.  Teirs, circulators, pumps, wow!  This is all good stuff, but for the beginner, a little intimidating.   For myself,

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Our Wine Social

Last night we hosted our first wine social and had a nice turn out.  Thanks to everyone who came out.  We ended up with around 20 different kinds of wine to sample, which was great because we all were able to try one that we never had before.   The overwhelming response was that we should

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