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Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone has a great Christmas and a safe one too!  I sure have enjoyed meeting and getting to know everyone that has come by the store since we opened.  It’s hard to believe we are open 4 months already. Keep an eye out for new events coming up in the new year.   We will be

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Brewer's Best Hop Nog now available!

Celebrate the Holidays with this brew. Brewer’s Best has released its seasonal offering of Hop Nog.  Hop Nog is an American IPA using organic malt, hops, and specialty grains. Crystal malt 60L, Palisade and Brewer’s Gold Hops are used in this recipe.  Four commemorative coasters included.

Cherry Spice Winter Warmer

.5 lb – Crystal 60L .5 lb – Belgian Aromatic Malt 7 lb – Light LME 2 lb – Honey 6oz – Malto Dextrin 1.5 oz – Nugget (bittering 60 min) 1/8 tsp – Grains of Paradise (last 15 min) 1/3 oz  – Crushed Corriander (last 15 min) 1 oz – Hallertau ( 5 min) White Labs

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Belgian Wit

.5 lb – Belgian Aromatic Malt .5 lb – Flaked Oats 3.3 lb – Wheat LME 3 lb – Wheat DME 1 oz – Mt Hood ( bittering 30 min boil) 1/2 oz – Crushed Corriander (last 10 min) 1 oz – Bitter orange peel (last 10 min) 1/3 oz – Saaz ( last 5 min) Wyeast 3944

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