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Chocolate Raspberry Port preorder

Chocolate Raspberry Port  is back.   If you haven’t had it before, this is an awesome desert wine.  Thick and rich, bursting with raspberry and chocolate flavors.  Order deadline is July 31st.  Price is $109.00 Also available: Okanagan Peach Icewine Style – $115.00 Blackberry Port – $115.00


.5 lb – Vienna malt .5 lb – Munich malt .5 lb – Crystal 60L malt 7 lb – Light LME 2 oz – US Fuggle (bittering 60 min) 1tp – irish moss (last 10 min)(optional addition) .5 oz – hallertau (last 5 min) White Labs 820 Oktoberfest Lager yeast or saflager s-23

Bells Hopslam Clone Recipe

1 lb – crystal 20L 7 lb – Light LME 2 lb – Light DME 1 lb – Corn Sugar 3 lb – Honey .5lb – Malto Dextrin 1oz – Simcoe (bittering 60 min) 1oz – Centennial ( last 25 min) 1oz – Amarillo (last 15 min) 1tp – Irish Moss (last 10 min) 1oz

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Beginners All Grain Brewing Demo

Saturday, July 10th starting at 9am (to beat the heat) we will go through the basics in getting started in all grain brewing.  We will explain the mashing process and build a mash tun from a cooler.  We will through names in a hat and pull a winner to keep the mash tun. Please let

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