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3rd Annual Homebrew Harvest Fundraiser

The event will take place Sunday, October 23rd from 2 – 5pm at The Brewery at Hershey
Proceeds benefit Patty’s Pub Relay for Life: “Fighting cancer, enjoying beer!”
-You will be required to provide at least 3 gallons of beer per entry when pouring to the public the day of the event and two bottles for the judging must be dropped off ahead of time.
-This is officially a BJCP competition but we will also have the public vote to compliment the BJCP judging. We will be using the 2015 BJCP style guidelines for the event.
-Prizes and everything will be announced closer to the event, however, Lancaster Homebrew has offered to take 50% off participants’ total bill (those serving at the event), with that 50% being donated to the charity at the expense of Lancaster Homebrew. Scotzin Bros is offering a 10% discount for supplies for participants with the 10% being donated to the charity. In order to receive the discounts at either of these locations, you MUST be registered for the event, if you are not registered you will not receive the discount.
-Entry fee is $5 per entry, up to the first 3 entries then every entry after that is free (maximum of 8 entries per person). It is preferred that you pay using paypal to , however I will accept cash or checks as well. Please make out checks to “Dean Pierce”, if paying by cash or check please attach your payment to one of your bottles when submitting them to Lancaster Homebrew or Scotzin Bros.
-In order to make the judging and the event go as smoothly as possible, I am asking that you drop off your entries a head of time at either Lancaster Homebrew Or Scotzin Bros. (please references their website for hours). You will need to provide TWO (2) bottles per entry. Bottles must not have any labels or markings of any kind. PLEASE do not drop off any entries at The Brewery at Hershey, Scotzin Bros. and Lancaster Homebrew are the only drop off locations.
-The registration program will generate bottle labels and allow you to print them out. Please rubber band your labels to the bottle, no glue please.
-Registration will close Sunday, October 16th and bottles will be due on Monday, October 17th.
-Setup for the event itself (LIVE pour) will begin at noon at The Brewery at Hershey. Most of you have participated in this event before so you know the drill. Please be as quick as possible when unloading your vehicle and help out your fellow brewers in anyway that you can in order to expedite the whole process.
-Please note that this is an individual competition only and all entry fees, etc. will be done on an individual basis. Clubs may setup beside each other and decorate their stands with club banners, etc. but just be aware that judging and entry fees are per individual.
-You will be required to provide at least 3 gallons of beer per entry when pouring to the public.
Thanks everyone and I will have more information to come but this at least allows everyone to start planning your recipes and getting them entered in to the Reggie system. I can’t wait to see what you guys bring this year and I look forward to making this the best Homebrew Harvest yet!!!! Please spread the word on this event as well, I am sure there are brewers on this email thread that I am missing. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask.

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