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2nd Annual Lititz Craft Beerfest Homebrew Competition


Attention Home Brewers!!

We are happy to announce the 2nd Annual Lititz Craft Beer Fest Homebrew Competition! We know there is a great homebrew scene out there, and we want to highlight the best of the best. We are working with Lancaster Homebrew, so be sure to stop in and grab all the ingredients you need to win it all! See below for information regarding the competition, including entry rules, prizes, and submission deadlines. Beer ID forms and all of the information below will be posted on the Lititz Craft Beer Fest website once it is updated. A big thanks to JoBoy’s Brew Pub, Mad Chef Craft Brewing, and Lancaster Homebrew for their donations and help with putting this competition together!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email us at Get brewing!!!

Entries / General Information

– $5 per entry. Limit 3 entries per person
* Payment will be made upon drop-off. If paying by check, please make it payable to “Lititz Craft Beer Fest”

– Three (3) 12 oz. bottles, two (2) 22 oz. bombers or one (1) growler per entry for first-round judging.
* We’re not picky about how you provide the bottles – labels or no labels – it doesn’t matter to us. However, the Beer ID form will be required when submitting your entries. This form will be available for download on our website (TBA).

– At least 5 gallons (bottled or kegged) is required for the Top 10 Finalists.
* Lancaster Homebrew is offering a 15% discount off of homebrew supplies for the top 10 finalists. Discount cards will be handed out to the finalists and can only be used on ingredients for the competition.
* If kegged, dispensing for the finals is available, however; you may bring your own dispensing equipment if preferred.
* If bottled, labels or no labels, give us what you’ve got as long as you provide enough for the People’s vote.

– No categories; this is a free-for-all.
* Time is limited, and therefore it is recommended that you brew all of your beer up front (3 beers or equivalent for first entry; 5 gallons for finals). If you’re not able to brew everything up front, we recommend that you brew a beer that is easily reproduced (i.e. beer that doesn’t take a long to ferment/age (sours, barrel aged, etc…)). If you’re brewing something that tastes better when it’s slightly aged (e.g. saisons, belgians, etc…), brew it all at once!

– Scorecard & ID Form
* ID Forms will be posted on the LCBF website.
* This is not a BJCP event. However, the judges will be using the same scoring system.

– Drop off point for Entries
* Lancaster Homebrew – See their website for address and further information
* Contact us at if you’re unable to drop it off at this location and we’ll help you out.

-The first round of judging will take place the weekend after the submission deadline. Over that weekend the ten (10) best beers, as determined by the panel of judges, will be chosen. Winners will be announced between August 14th-17th. (See below for other important dates)


Homebrew competitions are about pride, proving that your beer is the best; worthy of a nod from the professional craft brewing industry. We’re working with two local craft breweries to afford the two (2) first place winners the opportunity to brew their winning beer with these local breweries and have it on draft at their brew pubs. That’s not all – see below for more details and prizes for our 2nd Annual Homebrew Competition:

– Each top 10 finalist will receive two (2) free tickets to the 2nd Annual Lititz Craft Beer Fest. Each finalist will receive free entry to the beer fest and can distribute their complimentary tickets amongst friends and/or family!

– 1st Place Vote**: Winning beer brewed at JoBoy’s Brew Pub
– 1st Place Vote**: Winning beer brewed at Mad Chef Craft Brewing
– 2nd Place Vote: $500 Gift card to Lancaster Homebrew
– 3rd Place Vote: $75 Gift card to Lancaster Homebrew
** Two (2) prizes will be awarded for first place: Unlike last year, judging will be done solely by the people. The top two finalists will be entered into a random drawing to determine the brewery where they will brew their winning beer.


– August 10th – Deadline for entries
* Entries need to be submitted to Lancaster Homebrew by this date
– August 14th – 17th – Top 10 Announcement
– September 27th – Top 10 Competition at the Lititz Craft Beer Fest
* Top 10 entries will need to bring their beer to the festival. If you wish to submit your entry before hand, please let us know and we’ll schedule a drop-off.

Disclaimer: No entry will be accepted from any person that the committee determines, in its sole discretion, is submitted by a person or entity that is a licensed brewer, is in the process of attempting to obtain a license, or is employed by or directly affiliated with any licensed brewer.

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