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2015 Fall Homebrew Competition

Compete in the 2015 L-S YMCA Fall Fest

Home Brew Competition

This competition is part of the first annual L-S YMCA Fall Fest, which will be held 17 October 2015 on the L-S School Campus. Entrees are due in advance; winners will be announced at the Fall Fest.


  • Entrees are due 3 October 2015
  • Deliver entries to Lancaster Homebrew, 1920 Lincoln Hwy. E, Lancaster, PA 17602
  • $5 per entry
  • Provide two bottles of the entrée homebrew with labels stating

1)      name of the beer,

2)      type of beer, and

3)      name, address, and phone number of contestant

  • Prizes to be determined (depending upon number of entries)




The 2015 L-S YMCA Fall Fest competition is sponsored by the Law Offices of Russell, Kraft, & Gruber, LLP, Lancaster PA

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